Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bumble bee, Honey bee it is time to forage

This bumble bee loves our front garden.

The last time Thomas and I did a bee hive inspection this little bee wouldn't get off my finger.

As relatively new bee keepers (1 year) we take our job so seriously. After all bee's are in danger. Thomas is thinking, "What is this?" I am thinking, "What the hell did we get ourselves into?"

On Progress and the High Life

These picture give me a good idea of the progress we are making in the garden. This year there are a number of firsts. We are trying the square foot method to improve our yield. We hope to be harvesting our first large crop of garlic and potatoes (back left). We hope to have our first peaches, apples, and garbanzo beans. We are also trying our green thumbs on hops (yes for beer making), tobacco (we are still a non-smoking household), cape gooseberries, poppies, watermelons, and spinach. Let the summer begin.

Just an update from my latest slug hunting adventure. The guy at the corner store must think I love my Miller High Life. I have been buying a 40 every week to kill snails and slugs. What can I say the Miller works the best.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday morning

Last night I set out a number of beer traps for the slugs that are eating my garden. In a strange way I felt satisfied. Maybe I like the idea of killing something that is devastating my veggie starts without pulling the trigger. It is even stranger to be talking about this as my first blog post.
In hopes to both stay in touch with my family and chronicle my life, I decided to join the ranks of bloggers.
Why black cricket? They are abundant in my garden. Crickets are lucky creatures for some; a warning of harm to come for others. I guess you get to chose.