Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So a few posts ago I gave myself a hard time for not finishing some knitting projects. Well I haven't made huge progress on my socks but I did free up some of my knitting needles.

This beautiful and easy lace pattern is made with three hanks of KidLin in crispy white. Seascape by Kieran Foley can be found on in their Summer 2008 issue. Yes the pattern is free. Yes, this is my wedding shawl.

Another cool find on Knitty is this pattern. Cozy by Danielle Schoonover was part of their Fall 2004 issue. Started this project over three years ago so I don't remember how much yarn I used. It was my first time knitting lace and would recommend this eight row repeat lace pattern to any beginner. I knitted it up in Jezebel (#696) by SWTC. It took me so long to finish because I got tired of knitting the same eight rows over and over again and the thin yarn meant very little progress. I wish someone would have warned me, but it is done. Love the color and love how it drapes.

Took this shot as I am doing my last minute mirror check before leaving the house. Yeah, yeah cute, it works I can face the world.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Feeling good

Now that I am in the full swing of things with school. Lily has taken on to begging for attention. She usually gathers one of her favorite toys and gives me a sad look. It works almost every time. Once I catch a glimpse of her I take her outside for a walk, or work on her agility tricks or just pet her. Who has who trained here?

What really made my week was catching this pair sharing their bed. When Oscar joined our family he was not welcomed by Tuxedo. We knew having two boy cats could be problematic. They have respected each other's space but never been really friendly towards each other. How does the saying go... you should keep your worst enemy closer than your friends.

Tuxedo is a looker. He is at his best in the late afternoon.

We took a drive to Bodega on Thursday to watch the sun set and have a pleasant dinner.

We are a month away from the big day and feeling good.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Week in Pictures

A great way to look back at what happened this week around the world.
It is amazing, while some people watch a fashion show in NY another people wade through flood waters and yet others dance in a celebratory parade. Are we really co-existing on the same plant?
Click on this link to see for yourself The Week in Pictures: September 11-17, 2010

It feels like Autumn

Autumn is here the cool air is getting under my skin and the sun is setting a bit after 7 p.m. This time of year I think of pumpkins and I crave soup. Oh yes, my favorite is butternut squash soup with roasted cashews, but I diverge.
It is easy to think about pumpkins, this year we have three growing in our garden. The large ones you see below are the handy work of our friend Russ. Russ has a passion for growing large and he has been doing so for years as a hobby. At about $300 a seed. No joke. These pumpkins are entered at various county events in hope of winning prestige and prize money. Russ, we wish you luck this year!

Four years ago we visited Russ and got to see the pumpkins still on the vine.

What I appreciate about his hobby is how complicated it all really is. Russ keeps track of everything because too much water, too much fog, too much heat, too much anything and the giants can crack. Once cracked a pumpkin cannot be shown. It is hard to see the framework he has built to be able to grow these beauties.

Two years ago Russ showed his beauties at the Healdsburg Half-Marathon (after he was done entering them at various competitions in CA). I was sad to learn he didn't place that year. The winner's pumpkin weighed in at 1,467.5 lbs.
Russ' pumpkin at 1,288 pounds.

Russ does save seeds, but if he is looking for a bigger pumpkin he buys seeds from known winners.

Do you have a hobby?

The radio

Thomas and I are not big TV watchers, but we are fans and supporters of This American Life. Every week I go online to catch-up with their podcast.

Recently I discovered Story Corps. Take a listen for yourself.

They also have animated videos illustrating their stories. Another great listen.

The Human Voice from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

What are you listening to these days?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ok this is a bit much

A loved one just battled for weeks with these bugs. Thought I would share his ordeal.
NO JOKE. It was a nightmare.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday fun with some awesome ladies

Last Sunday, Kathy and Erin, hosted a bridal shower for me. I was so touched by all the awesome women in my life. Thank you all!
With Ali and baby Isla

A wonderful lunch was served.

Enjoying a great summer afternoon and playing games.

Each guest had to draw a picture of me while their eyes were shut. I then had to judge the best artist. Too much fun.

Lots of laughs.

I had asked each guest to bring a song, poem, or to share words they live by. It was great to hear what inspires one to rise to the occasion. Words are powerful. When I started nursing school I was a bit intimidated. Each morning I would sing an old Pointer Sister's song and it would get me going for the day (especially when I had a test or competency). Grades are important to graduate but being a better "woman" is a reminder of the greater task at hand.

Oh the joy in Aiden's face.

Ladies, I love you dearly. For those who couldn't make it you were missed.

Here is the song that moves me to action, everyday...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

T Goes Solo

Diana has let me drop in as a guest contributer to her blog. Here are some photos from my recent solo backpacking trip to Caribou Lakes (Thompson Peak attempt) and summit climb on Mt Shasta. Spending this time in nature was a much needed break from my everyday routine. I used to take solo trips like this more often when I was younger and it was good to reconnect with this activity.

After 4 hours of hiking through Sugar Pine forest, pygmy pine forest, and then skirting the granite flanks of Caribou Mountain (8,575 ft), Thompson Peak at 9,002 ft, the tallest mountain in the Trinity Alps, comes into full view.

Alpine Flaurel Arrangment

Caribou Lakes Basin

Snowslide Lake

Caribou Lake, the largest high alpine lake in the Trinity Alps

Unfortunately, no caribou here, probably hunted to extinction a while ago. However, this curious deer decided to strike a pose and represent.

Now off trail hiking along a ridge trying to get closer to the Thompson Peak ridge. With a 30 lbs + pack, this terrain was very challenging to walk on.

After this shot, I finally decided to throw in the towel. My determined efforts to reach Thompson Peak from the NE route turns out to be longer and exceedingly more difficult than I had presupposed. Time to figure how to get off this ridge and back down to the lake to camp for the night.

This was the least steep terrain I could find to down climb on from the ridge. It would have been mildly challenging to climb up but climbing down was was a real adrenaline pumper.

Finally, Caribou Lake is back in sight. It won't be long now. My legs are burning!

A cold swim always feels great after a long day on and off the trail.Today I learned that in order to be successful on a new climb attempt I need to acquire a bit more first hand information. After hiking almost 10 miles plus a few miles scrambling on the ridge I am totally exhausted, as this picture shows.

Hanging out with Dad at his place in Coffee Creek for a couple of days to rest before my Mt Shasta summit attempt.

The start of the the trail towards Mt Shasta from Bunny Flat parking lot.

The cabin here at Horse Camp (7,880 ft). The cabin and surrounding acreage is owned and managed by the Sierra Club.

Hiking up towards base camp at Helen Lake. With poor weather due tomorrow afternoon I decided to skip camping near the cabin and go straight up the Helen Lake to go for the summit tomorrow morning.

I wonder if walking on Mars is similiar to this? With the exception of blue sky and gravity, of course. It is much easier to do this hike in the snow

Looking back down at the cabin.

3 1/2 hrs later, I make it to Helen Lake (10,443 ft).

Going for it the next morning! By this time I have been climbing since 3:30am all by myself. The light is welcoming though the wind is starting to whip up.

Looking down
Looking up towards the Red Banks. At this point, I would take 10 or 15 steps and then have to rest as the altitude and the 35% + slope took its toll.

Slowly making my way up the "chimney" in the Red Banks. This is where I had to stop last time on account of altitude sickness. This time no AS and feeling strong!

The cold and the wind had frozen up the hose to my camel back and was starting to freeze the water in my nalgenes.

More uphill but nothing will stop me now!

Yes, this is a Volcano. Here are the famed hot springs just below the summit where John Muir supposedly laid down in to survive a snow storm.

Summited Mt Shasta (14,162 ft.) at 9am on Tuesday September 7th 2010.

Looking west down at a glacier. Thanks for viewing photos of my recent journey. ~Thomas